Buying a mobile home is the new trendy activity for those who need a small home at a small price for their holidays. It's like a studio that doesn't require any work, but is as comfortable as it is cosy. And its price is very low compared to a detached house, but where to buy it?

A private individual

Private sellers sell mobile homes on specialised sites or generalist sites. Some have created specialised web pages to help other private individuals find good models. Their main advantage is the wide choice. They have several models, from the most original to the most basic, to meet the needs of their customers. You can find specialised private individuals online through many websites. Check for more about stores locator. Real estate transactions between individuals are also easy on the administrative and technical side. Usually, mobile homes are already equipped and you don't pay either the set-up fee or the plot (if the model is already set up on a plot of land). Only, if the mobile home is already set up, you can no longer move it to another pitch. You are obliged to stay there. But the biggest risk is the hidden defects and the quality of the construction. No one really knows whether the foundations are still correct or whether the water and electricity connections, for example, will last for a long time. And if you have opted for a mobile home at a campsite, you can still pay the entrance fee even if you own your seasonal accommodation.

A dealer

Where to buy a mobile home? Buy it from a professional. A dealer is an intermediary between manufacturers and end customers. They buy the mobile homes from the manufacturing plants and resell them to individuals who need them. By buying from a professional, you have the guarantee of quality. Certain risks are avoided. You are not responsible for transport or installation costs, for example. This is included in the selling price. Some dealers take care of the dunnage, water and electricity connections as well as waste water drainage. There are even dealers who prepare the interior and decoration for you. The disadvantage is the risk of being refused a place at the campsite, or having to pay an entrance fee. As the concessionaire is a foreigner, he has no right to demand free entry from the owners.

A campsite

Yes, the campsites have a large number of mobile homes. Usually they sell the old models to install new ones or simply prefer to get rid of some of them. They may also sell new mobile homes that they have surplus due to a new development project. So you can get a nice second hand mobile home at a very good price from a campsite. If you know how to negotiate, you will be able to buy a new one at the same price as from the builder. This is even the most common case. There is no real problem when you buy your mobile home at a campsite. No entry fee, no reservation is required and even less installation costs. You can choose the pitch according to your preferences and requirements as well as the offers.