In this article we will not discuss the arguments about renting your mobile home... This is a completely different subject, we will certainly come back to it, it is widely commented on the web, we will give you our opinion on the subject. The outdoor hotel business is a booming field and as long as you respect a few bases you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding seasonal tenants for the rental of your mobile home, you will then have to do everything possible to gain their loyalty in order to have a recurring income base. You have a mobile home and you wish to rent it, it is essential to respect the following points:
  • First of all, do you have the right to do so?
  • Let it be known.
  • Designing an ad - Choosing the medium.
  • The photos... Not to be missed! - Follow up of your ad.
  • Being a shopkeeper.
  • It's a job.

Can you still rent your mobile home?

This question is far from being as ridiculous as it may seem at first glance. In fact, a campsite may well not allow "subletting"... Its manager or owner has the contractual right a priori to accept or refuse a mobile home owner to sublet it to third parties. Whether this clause stipulated in the rental contract that will bind you with the campsite is an abusive clause or not, we are well in the impossibility to answer it. Owners of mobile homes united in association fight against these provisions and try to demonstrate the abusive character of these more or less restrictive clauses. We have a much more pragmatic position, in this case if by chance the campsite where you wish to buy or install your mobile home specifies that you will not be allowed, or only with very restrictive conditions, to sublet your mobile home and well ... Change your creamery. As a general rule, read the rental contract proposed by the campsite, if it is as long as a day without bread, if there are many more articles dealing with prohibitions than those praising what is allowed, think twice before committing yourself and visit the competition. On the other hand, in the most frequent cases where subletting is allowed, you will be asked to pay the campsite a so-called "subletting" commission, a percentage which varies from 30 to 40% on average. This commission, in addition to the fact that your tenants benefit from all the infrastructures (investments) of the campsite, is also explained by the fact that the reception will take care of the arrival of your tenants and the incoming and outgoing inventory of fixtures. You can also find campsites that will tell you for the subletting you make it your business, we do not take care of it at all. It will obviously be more lucrative but you will have to manage the arrivals and departures yourself.