Mobile home

Where to buy a mobile home?

Buying a mobile home is the new trendy activity for those who need a small home at a small price for their holidays. It’s like a studio that doesn’t require any work, but is as comfortable as it is cosy….

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Practical advice to choose the mobile home you need

The mobile home becomes a real second home, on the verge of dethroning the furnished seaside studio! It is a major purchase whose criteria are the same as for any other accommodation: location, surface area, interior layout, decoration and equipment….

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Subletting your mobile home: things to know

In this article we will not discuss the arguments about renting your mobile home… This is a completely different subject, we will certainly come back to it, it is widely commented on the web, we will give you our opinion…

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Find the best mobile home offers for rent or for sale

While the motorhome offers a certain freedom and allows for easy travel, one should be quite careful when deciding to purchase a used motorhome. Buying this type of vehicle is not done on a whim and you should be able…

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