The mobile home becomes a real second home, on the verge of dethroning the furnished seaside studio! It is a major purchase whose criteria are the same as for any other accommodation: location, surface area, interior layout, decoration and equipment. The pleasure of a holiday home without the constraints & above all the choice of an outdoor lifestyle!

What are the right dimensions for your mobile home?

Choosing the surface area of your residence is not insignificant: you must take into account the size of your plot (the mobile home must not occupy more than 30% of its surface area), the layout and accesses. According to these parameters, you will know if it is appropriate to choose a restricted width or if you can afford a more spacious model. The living area of a mobile home can range from 25 to 40 m² of living space, and may not exceed this limit. The largest models are therefore approximately 11 m long and 4 m wide. Then consider the use you intend to make of it: is it important for you to have a large interior space or do you prefer to have a larger terrace so that you can "live" more outside?

What is the best layout?

One bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms? One bathroom, two bathrooms? An integrated or separate kitchen? Once again, it is up to you to determine your selection criteria! For that, nothing could be simpler: just ask yourself the right questions!! How many people will most often live in your mobile home ? What use do you wish to make of it ? How many weeks per year are you going to occupy it ? What are your habits ? What comfort and level of equipment are you looking for ? Your answers will guide you towards the model that suits you according to your needs for space, comfort and privacy. For example, an additional bedroom will offer you more space to receive or store, but you will have a smaller living room in return... It's all about choice!

Rather a panoramic or a central living room?

The living room of the mobile home is expected to be bright, comfortable and practical. In this respect, two internal arrangements are shared by the residents: the layout around a panoramic living room or around a central living room, which determines the location of the bedrooms, the kitchen and the shower room.

What is the layout for the kitchen in my mobile home?

"Tell me how you eat, I'll tell you which kitchen suits you! » Although the formula, not dedicated, can not apply to everyone, choosing the right cuisine is about that ... Nowadays equipped as standard with a sink, a four-burner hob, a refrigerator, and often an electric oven, an extractor hood and washing machine and/or dishwasher connections, the kitchen in a mobile home has (almost) nothing to envy to the one we use every day. If you add to this the other optional equipment (microwave oven, ceramic hob, washing machine or dishwasher, large fridge/freezer, etc.), you are on the verge of luxury! Measure the actual use you will make of the household appliances: can't your laundry wait until you get home or be done at the campsite laundry? And know that the dishwasher will deprive you of storage space?

The dining area

After we cook, let's eat! Frequently placed near the bay, the dining area generally consists of an extensible table (round or square depending on the space available), often folding, and four to six chairs. Stackable or folding, they have the advantage of being easy to store, or even find a place in a cupboard if they fold, and free up space to transform the room into an extra room in the evening. Used on a daily basis, this dining area must be designed so as not to disturb the circulation between the different parts of the mobile home.