Every time you plan a camping trip or just think about camping, a tent automatically comes to mind. In fact, many people consider camping and tents to be almost synonymous concepts. Nevertheless, the hammock has gradually gained popularity as an outdoor experience. But is it better than traditional camping in a tent? As the name implies, it's camping in a hammock, which offers increased outdoor comfort and gives you the freedom to camp anywhere. You're probably familiar with hammocks already because you usually find them in residential backyards, where they serve as a comfortable spot to relax. You may even be surprised to learn that you can actually use hammocks for camping. Many people today take hammocks to their campsites. If you are planning to do the same, then this article will provide you with an informative overview of hammocks that will help you choose the best camping hammock for your adventures. You will learn how to easily turn your camping experience into an incredible adventure. Our camping hammock reviews are based on one of the best selling models available on the market. If you don't know where to find them, use online platforms like www.stores-locator.com/ for instance, they will help you find good stores near you that sell hammocks.

What is a camping hammock?

A hammock is a shelter that hangs above the ground between two strong points using ropes or chains. A camping hammock is designed to be suspended and used for camping. Camping with a hammock offers the ultimate in relaxation and comfort as you can relax suspended above the uneven ground. It is more stable than a conventional ground tent, which comes with extra poles. The absence of poles makes the hammock lighter and easier to transport. In most cases you will sleep better in a hammock than on the ground.

The 4 types of hammock

Modern hammocks resemble older, traditional models, but are distinguished by innovations in the composition and quality of their materials. There are many types of hammocks but they can be grouped under 4 main headings of hammock types :

Rope hammocks/spreader hammocks

Rope hammocks use cotton or polyester ropes in their design. Spacer bars at both ends allow you to lie flat on the hammock. For more comfort, choose a cotton rather than polyester fabric. Polyester also has a long life span and is more resistant to mould and mildew. However, it is heavier and less taut, making it a poor choice for camping.

Nylon parachute hammocks

These hammocks feature nylon construction, making them durable and water resistant. They stretch to improve sleeping comfort. You can also use them outside and they are available in single and double sizes. Parachute hammocks are the most preferred and more accessible than most others.

Ultralight hammocks

This type of hammock uses very light materials in its construction, hence the name ultralight. Because the fabric is light, it comes in a compact and portable size, suitable for all your travels and hiking adventures. However, the lightweight and portable design reduces the comfort of camping once it is installed and used.

Expedition Hammocks

These hammocks have many features that keep you very comfortable while camping. They use high quality fabrics that offer ultimate protection during any adventure. They also include many accessories for maximum stability and protection from the weather and mosquitoes. If you are an adventurous camper, then this is your perfect companion.