Published on : 12 June 20203 min reading time

There’s nothing simpler than a camping holiday to recharge your batteries. Some travellers prefer exotic camping, while others want camping that allows them to move around on their journey. In any case, here are the different possible camping accommodations!

The tent: the camper’s favourite!

The camping tent is a type of temporary and movable accommodation. Made of a solid frame covered with canvas, it was much used by nomadic populations. Then, the tent became more democratic and met the needs of the military during their missions. Today, it is available in several types (inflatable, frame, stretched canvas, raised canvas, marquee …) and becomes not only a true ally of the military, but especially refugees or experienced travelers.

The camper van: the ultimate comfort asset

It is a habitable camping vehicle and therefore equipped with an engine. The motorhome has a sleeping area, toilet, refrigerator, kitchenette, dining area, heating system and other options that guarantee the autonomy of this type of accommodation. You can find many families of motorhomes such as fitted vans, profiles, niche units, removable cells, fitted trucks or even integral ones. Also called a recreational vehicle, it is driven with a class B permit unless it is a “heavy-duty” motor home (over 3.5 T).

The mobile home: comfort like at home!

A camping mobile home or “mobil-home” is a type of accommodation with a rectangular shape. It can be used both as a main residence and as a second home for tourists. Indeed, this dwelling is built on a towable chassis and therefore rests on wheels. For campers, moving this dwelling requires an exceptional convoy. Indeed, the mobile home has to be towed by a specialised vehicle.

Glamping: the charm of an unusual accommodation!

Glamping is a type of tourist accommodation that offers an unusual type of accommodation. It is mainly aimed at campers who wish to be isolated and enjoy a total change of scenery. Trailers, tepees, yurts, cabins, caravans or covered wagons… Everything asserts the singularity of these unusual accommodations. As far as installation and supply are concerned, everything is the responsibility of the service provider.

The bungalow: a functional space for large families

Also known as a “family home”, the bungalow is a single-family, single-storey, tourist-oriented house. Practical, this type of accommodation offers living areas on the same floor. Usually, the bungalow has a veranda and is built in series. This type of temporary accommodation is mainly located close to services such as shopping centres, hospitals…

The chalet: charming dwelling by the sea as well as in the mountains!

Made of wood and/or stone, the chalet is one of the types of rural accommodation located in the mountains. Today, more and more people in large towns and cities are building their main residences using this structure. In the field of tourism, there are variants of chalets depending on a community’s urban plan. The camping chalet is the most popular type of accommodation for travellers, thanks to its proximity to nature. Also, many professionals offer this type of second home for rent or for sale to spend holidays.