Have you decided to go camping? It's a practical, authentic and economical activity. However, you risk having unpleasant surprises if your trip is not well prepared. Choosing a good camping package is one of the most important preparations. This is the purpose of this presentation. Here are the different camping formulas that exist on the market for renting or selling on the campsite.

Camping in the countryside

The formula, camping in the countryside, is for campers who wish to temporarily leave the big cities and enjoy a breath of fresh air in a rural setting. There are many different types of camping you can choose from:

Camping on a farm

The farm campsite offers fee-paying campsites in a meadow or meadow. In general, campers must adhere to a network and therefore respect its camping regulations. An example of this is "Welcome to the Farm", which offers stays and recreation on the farm.

Natural camping areas

It is a campground located in a rural area and has a maximum of 25 facilities for each hectare. According to the town planning code, it is subject to seasonal opening. In France, certain natural areas are intended to offer a naturist setting. Therefore, these naturist holiday centres can only welcome naturist enthusiasts.

Residential leisure parks

This formula is available in two types: the residential leisure park intended for the purchase of a plot of land in order to install your chalet or bungalow and the residential leisure park intended for the rental of a plot of land to install your motor home, mobile home or caravan.

The camping village

Also known as an outdoor hotel, this formula offers both a campground and a residential leisure park. Thus, you are free to buy or rent not only the pitches, but also the second homes (chalets, ecogites, bungalows, mobile homes).

Camping in the mountains

Camping in the mountains is the ideal formula to recharge your batteries in the middle of nature. And for good reason, it is a destination where the activities are inexhaustible, whatever the season. In summer, it is possible to explore the massifs on foot, by mountain bike or on foot. In winter, you can go skiing. In any case, there will always be a wide choice of activities, whether it is camping in "ready-to-live" accommodation or the famous traditional camping in a tent.

Wild camping

It is a form of camping in the middle of nature and in a place not equipped for this activity. Depending on the legislation that applies within your destination, this formula may be prohibited or authorised. In France, wild camping is forbidden on private land not authorised by its owner, on public roads, on the sea shore, in the vicinity of nature reserves, in a site classified as heritage/historic/natural. In addition to these places, wild camping may also be prohibited in the zones delimited by the urban plan. Therefore, it is best to refer to the desired site beforehand or to the French Federation of Camping and Caravaning for more information. Whether it is for a wild camping or for a bivouac (a form of camping practiced under a tent and under the stars), they always give you a feeling of freedom and closeness to nature.

Glamping, the unusual formula!

Glamping is a new trend in outdoor tourism that combines comfort and camping, nature and luxury, by offering atypical accommodation. It is the combination of "glamour" and "camping", in other words: a luxury camping holiday! Also, glamping offers unusual accommodation to make your stay a moment of pure happiness! We take stock of this new way of camping.