When you arrive at your destination and find the ideal location to start your holiday, there's no need to move the motorhome! We give you a few ideas on how to get around on site. Discover without delay the modes of transport to get around without a motorhome! Here are some means of transport to get around without a motor home.

The Speedtrott

SpeedTrott is a foldable electric scooter so practical, comfortable and efficient: A simple pull on the trigger will get you started! It is equipped with disc brakes, an LED headlight and turn signals and is therefore suitable for both city and country use! With its 3-second folding system, it's quick and easy!

The Vog of 02 Bike

The Vog is an electrically-assisted bicycle, its battery can allow you to travel up to 90 kilometres. This model will offer you three levels of assistance, which you can choose according to your needs. All models are guaranteed for 2 years. Please note that since February 19th, the state now grants a subsidy of 20% of the price, the maximum being set at 200€, for the purchase of an electrically-assisted bicycle! Something to make you think.

The Segway X2 SE

You've already had to come across them, segways are more and more present, especially in tourist places where segway rentals are often offered to walk differently. We have selected the X2 SE model which will be at ease on both asphalt and dirt roads. It is a robust and resistant vehicle, designed to take you everywhere!

Folding electric scooter

The gigi scooter is a foldable electric scooter! The result is rather original and gives a 30 kg two-wheeler that folds in 3 steps and in 5 seconds. The idea is to be able to easily transport your scooter in a trunk, or in a hold without taking up too much space. Ideal for your next motorhome holidays... You will have to be patient, its launch is planned for 2016!

The Ninebot one E+

The Ninebot One E+ will revolutionize your travels! It's a new generation means of transport that offers both fun and dynamic driving. Don't worry, no need to be an acrobat, balance is quickly found. This model has a range of 35 km and can reach up to 22 km/h. *Small bonus: You can access the "dashboard" of the device from your smartphone through the application, you will have information on speed, number of km traveled, engine temperature, etc...

Other ways to get around

You can also opt for a more traditional means of transport such as bicycles or public transport. For the more sporty, combine business with pleasure, if you need to get around, do it on roller skates or scooters for example! You now know the means of transport to get around without a camper van, there are more original means than others, which one is your favourite?