Advantages of the mattress for a bunk bed

The overhead bed is a bed that hangs above the driver’s cab of a vehicle, such as a motor home. It is often used as an extra bed. To use it, it must be lowered and put back against the roof after use. There are several types of sleeping arrangements in motor homes. Each one has its own shape, and therefore of course a suitable mattress. If you are a frequent traveller and would like to have absolute comfort in your motorhome, opt for quality mattresses that are perfectly suited to your needs. You have a wide choice depending on the model of your sleeping arrangement.

Which mattress for which bed?

Each bed has its own mattress. It is therefore important to know what kind of bed you want to have. These are the different shapes of beds and motorhome mattresses: the central bed: this is a bed that is located at the back of the vehicle and in the middle of the room. It is possible to choose a large mattress (up to 160 cm) for this one. There are also twin beds. These are two beds placed side by side with a small corridor in the middle. Some models are mobile, i.e. they can be brought together to make a large bed. This model makes it possible to adopt more or less soft or firm mattresses, according to the morphology of each one. The French bed: it is installed in a lateral position, at the back of the motor home with a bevelled mattress on one of the sides to have more space.

The dinette bed is the most appreciated, especially by large families. It is an easy-to-install extra bed. The transverse bed is a bed installed laterally against the back wall of the vehicle. Several mattresses are available for this model. The nasturtium bed is a bed located above the driver’s cabin. It can only be found in nasturtium camper vans. Finally, there is the pavilion bed. This is a different model from the others because it is located at the front of the vehicle. It can be lowered electrically or manually. The motorhome mattress for the bunk bed is the easiest model to find because it is a universal mattress.

The advantages of the mattress for a bunk bed

A king-size bed will come in handy if you want to save space in your vehicle. Indeed, it melts into the decor during the day and leaves plenty of room in the living space. In this case, if you want to enlarge or add a room in your motorhome, choose this model. This bed will be more comfortable with a quality mattress. You have the choice between economy, comfort, prestige, memory of shape, great comfort, excellence and even luxury, despite its 12 cm thickness, the economy offers absolute comfort and will give you a good night’s sleep. The comfort mattress, with its 13 cm thickness, good ventilation, and elasticity of reception, has a remarkable lifespan.

With a thickness of 16 cm, the comfort mattress is only the improved version of the comfort mattress, but more comfortable. The shape memory mattress is a mattress with a visco-elastic layer. It is capable of conforming to your shape. It reduces stress zones and keeps the spine in shape. The prestige mattress is very firm. With a welcome is comforting, it is perfect for people with a heavy body and back pain. The luxury mattress, as its name suggests, is a mattress that offers irreproachable comfort. It is soft and made of high quality foam. Finally, the excellence mattress is an elastic mattress with good ventilation.

Buy made to measure!

Indeed, it is now possible to order custom-made mattresses. First of all, it is important to know the number of places you want (one or two places), then the quality of the motorhome mattress for a bunk bed that you are looking for (thickness, foam). Finally, there are the exact dimensions of the bed on which you are going to install it. A connoisseur will be able to accompany you during these steps.

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