Did you know that camping is the preferred holiday mode for English people? Up until 50 years ago, campgrounds looked like wastelands on which you would put your small caravan or Canadian tent canvas. Now they have become luxury establishments. They offer bare pitches for tents, caravans and camper vans, but also chalet and mobile home type accommodation. Today, camping rhymes with comfort, especially when you know how to choose your mattress to sleep on.

The different mattresses for camping

Among the different models of mattresses that exist on the market, some are more suitable for camping holidays.
  • The foam floor mat
  • The air mattress
  • The self-inflating mattress
  • The foldable mattress
  • The classic mattress
  • The foam floor mat
Small foam mattresses are the so-called entry-level models. They are not expensive to produce, so they are very cheap. There are the classic foam models that can be rolled up and hung easily under a hiking bag. They are very light, which makes them even easier to carry. In recent years, manufacturers have been offering more elaborate floor mat models with a foam reinforcement and an air inflation system to increase the thickness of the mattress.

The air mattress

This is the type of air mattress we've always known. The rubber cover is covered with a comfortable coating to prevent squeaking noises with every movement. Since there is only air inside, it feels like sleeping on a balloon. A puncture is the most common problem and an inflator is required, which sometimes makes it cumbersome.

The self-inflating mattress

This is the range of products above the air mattress, as it is reinforced with one or more layers of foam that make it much more comfortable, even in the event of a puncture. Its other characteristic is that it has an integrated inflation system. It is much more practical, even if it is still bulky, but it is also more expensive than an air mattress.

The foldable mattress

It is a foam mattress that is divided into two or three foldable parts. It is often used in caravans and motor homes for modular spaces. With this type of foldable mattress you can easily convert a bench seat into a bed for example.

The classic mattress

Finally, you can use a universal mattress made of foam, foam and latex, or memory foam to increase the degree of comfort.

Choosing your camping mattress according to your needs

To find the best mattress for your camping holiday, it is important to define your needs.

For a bivouac

You are a fan of hiking, trekking or climbing. If you choose a mattress that is too bulky, you may find it very difficult to move forward. Any good sportsman will tell you that you should travel light to keep the maximum energy to move forward. Therefore, for the time of a night, walking comfort is preferable to walking comfort at night by avoiding air mattresses (too bulky and heavy) for a comfortable floor mat. Although this type of mattress isolates the freshness of the ground, it does not protect the back from all its roughness. Nevertheless, it is very easy to transport.

For holidays in a tent

You are a true camping purist and enjoy being in contact with nature. However, you don't want to give up your comfort and want to have a good night's sleep. So you should forget about the floor mats that you will reserve for the hiking bivouacs and summer festivals. Air mattresses are ideal. If you have a limited budget, opt for an air mattress. They are comfortable and cheap. The disadvantage, however, is that they are fragile and cumbersome since you need an inflator. Self-inflating mattresses, on the other hand, insulate better from the coolness of the ground, and remain comfortable if they deflate. Indeed, some have a small box spring and a top layer of foam.

For holidays in motorhomes or caravans

More and more holidaymakers are nowadays turning to caravans or motorhomes. Most of them are senior couples, but they are also increasingly appealing to families. Those who buy second-hand models very often want to change the mattress, for reasons of comfort if it is worn out, or simply for reasons of hygiene. In this case, it is interesting to take the measurements of the bed and compare the different types of mattresses that exist on the market.