Subletting your mobile home: things to know

There are no regulations specifying or prohibiting the subletting of a mobile home. As the mobile home is a mobile and detachable residence, its owner only rents the pitch in a campsite or municipal ground. Living in a mobile home all year round is impossible due to the restriction of French law, so without opposition from the owner of the land, the mobile home can be sublet for a fixed period of time during the year. But what are the things to know about subletting a mobile home?

What are the advantages of subletting one’s mobile home?

Renting your mobile home has many advantages, the first of which is economic. It allows its owner to have a sum of money which reduces the cost of renting the pitch during the year. Moreover, if you rent a pitch in a campsite, in return for the payment of a commission to the owner of the site, the latter will be able to take charge of the rental management, cleaning, security of the mobile home or even collect the rent for you. In some cases, subletting allows you to amortise the purchase cost of this residence. Please note that several campsites, particularly on the coast, accept the presence of a second-hand mobile home and authorise their subletting. However, the rental must be made within the year and can be renewed automatically without firm opposition from the owner of the mobile home.

What are the obligations of the persons in a mobile home subletting contract?

In general, the owner of the mobile home and the owner of the land are two different people.  In this case, the rental of the mobile home to another person takes the name of subletting. The pitch rental contract is tacitly renewed, and the cancellation of this contract by the owner of the land can only be made for serious reasons such as the degradation of his property, persistent inconvenience, illegal activity. Otherwise, the owner exposes himself to the payment of damages.  The owner has several obligations towards the tenant, the first one being to maintain the mobile home, then to guarantee the peaceful enjoyment to the tenant. In case of subletting, he must declare this operation to the administrative authorities of the municipality where his mobile home is located. As for the tenant, he must pay the various taxes relating to this occupation, in particular the tourist tax. He must also guarantee the cleanliness inside the mobile home, pay the rent on each due date, respect the regulations in force in the campsite.

Is it possible to live all year round in a mobile home?

In spite of the formal prohibition to limit the time a person can live in a mobile home, in front of the real estate crisis, the increase of the tariffs in certain cities, the lack of social housing, or building plots push the communes to tolerate, and even to favour the establishment of mobile homes and their occupations all year round. The only counterpart is the payment of a housing tax paid directly to the local authority. To sum up, the mobile home is a simple way to acquire a residence, moreover it is easy to transport thanks to its great mobility.

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