If you are rather sensitive to the environmental cause, green camping is for you. Campers must adopt eco-responsible behaviour and even instincts, such as how to manage their waste, how to use water in a rational manner and how to avoid the use of single-use plastic dishes.



If you are looking for a way to spend your next holiday, you can choose this type of campsite. Whether you’re with friends, a couple or family, there’s no shortage of activities and leisure activities. Swimming, water sports, team competitions and lazing around are just a few examples.



This type of camping in nature offers campers a natural environment full of calm. It is also a setting conducive to the practice of various water activities such as canoeing and kayaking. You can also go fishing and prepare fish-based meals in a friendly atmosphere.

The ultimate camper equipment checklist

Camping is the pleasure of enjoying simple things and going on an adventure without necessarily being far from home. But it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have not prepared your camping equipment properly and if some crucial items are missing. Prepare the camping essentials to put in your backpack or your trunk and make sure to avoid disappointments on the way or once on your campsite. Even if you want to travel light, a minimum of tools and accessories are essential to camp with peace of mind. Going to a nearby camping store, found at a stores locator online, will allow to choose between endless tools and brands, have everything you need on hand, and probably help out other campers with less foresight! It’s up to you to sort through a complete list of tools according to your desires.

8 essential things to consider

The tent

Cooking and eating

Sleeping equipment

Hygiene equipment

Health equipment

Equipment for children

Relaxation equipment

Small crafts equipment

Travelling and camping in a Motorhome

For an entertaining and relaxed trip, the motorhome, and vehicles in general, offer a freedom of movement that can be appreciated. With a motorhome, the traveller takes with him his bedding, his dishes, his bathroom, in a word his home, while being itinerant. As the cost of buying a motor home is high, it can be interesting to have a first experience with a rental motor home. Travelling very far with your motorhome is not necessarily simple, because of the constraints of time, distance and cost (fuel and other) that there can be, but it is an experience that you should try if you feel like it! To do so, you will have to make a choice between different criteria, such as the size of the vehicle, comfort, autonomy, etc… As you can see, travelling in a motorhome is a way of travelling that you should think about before you set off!

The art of wild camping


Why should you prepare to go to camping ?

Well, you’re not going to sleep under the stars and hunt for your meal. You need to understand that staying outdoors means that you will have to consider the weather, the animals you will be sharing space with and the possible injuries that could occur.

Think about all of this when you go out into the wild: won’t have a hospital nearby, no kitchen and no roof to sleep under. So read on, because we’re going to give you the essentials you need to take with you to enjoy your stay.


Caping is a new lifestyle

Camping means a radical change in lifestyle, we learn to save water, to forget about being fashionable, to open up to others, to acclimatize to the seasons… For children it means more autonomy: doing dishes, doing the laundry, communicating and playing with friends in complete safety…

The campsite is also close to a host of activities, on foot or by bike, as they are often in tourist areas and the facilities are designed for holidays such as the cycle paths that flourish in many regions.